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AP EHS Dental free cashless treatment
Cashless (free) Dental treatment under AP EHS & WJHS schemes

New Global Dental Clinic, Tirupati, offers all Dental Care Services:

1. Cosmetic Dental treatments
2. Pediatric Dental treatments
3. Oral Surgery
4. Clips / Braces - Orthodontics
5. Missing teeth rehabilitation
6. Endodontics
7. Facial Surgery

Root Canal Treatment, popularly known as Root canal Treatment involves saving, mostly, decayed tooth from removal. Learn more
Teeth Cleaning
Many times, you might be disturbed about the bleeding of gums while brushing, color of teeth, stains on teeth or the bad odor eminating from teeth.
Smile Designing
Smile plays a vital role in our lives. It opens new oppurtunities and relationships. Beautiful smile is what everyone desires. At New Global Dental Clinic, Tirupati, We make your smile beautiful and Healthy
Gum Surgeries
Bleeding of Gums, Frequent food sticking between your teeth, mobile teeth may be signs of Gums and underlying tissue infections. Most of them need minor surgical interventions. Apart from Scaling and Curettage, Flap Surgery is needed.
Wisdom Tooth Removal & Impactions
Wisdom Teeth is the last erupting teeth. As humans evolved their jaws become small and there is little space for wisdom teeth to erupt in our mouth. This lead to impaction of wisdom tooth and subsequent unfavorable conditions. Pericoronitis, a condition where incompletely erupted wisdom tooth is covered by neighboring tiisue. Unable to brush this area eventually lead into bacterial infection, inflammation, pus, swelling. While incompletely erupted wisdom tooth also harbors germs and cause pain, swelling and unable to open mouth (Trismus). If the wisdom tooth is infected again and again after conventional treatments, then it is suggested for surgical extraction. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons and some Dentists are trained to remove the teeth.
Braces / Clips
Malaligned teeth or spaces between teeth or uneven positioning of teeth can be corrected with Orthodontic Treatments. Braces treatement at New GLobal Dental Clinic, Tirupati, improves your smile and confidence
Jaw fractures
Road accidents or accidental falls can result in trauma and fracture of teeth and Jaw bones. Many Jaw bone fractures need Surgical interventions. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons are especially trained to treat these conditions.
Tooth Colored Fillings
Tooth Colored Fillings are popular way to fill decaying tooth. First, the decay part is removed, shaped and filled with Tooth colored Fillings. Composites and Glass Ionomer Cements (GIC) are popular tooth colored fillings
Teeth Whitening
Stains on teeth is common complaint for many of us. Stains are of various nature. Some are on the external surface of teeth while some or inside the teeth tissues. Ofiice teeth Bleaching is a popular treatement option for External stains.