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Dental Implants

Implant for Fixed teeth in missing tooth area

Dental Implants revolutionized Dentistry. Today, Dental Implants are popular to replace missing tooth area. Fixed teeth with Dental Implant is a wellknown treatment. From its inception, Dental Implants have undergone tremendous evolution.

At New Global Dental Clinic, Dr Uroof places the Dental Implant Within minutes. The procedure is flapless and stichless. In the past, Dental Implants needed to be placed in densely bony region but now Dental Implants can be placed in less dense bony area also. Today, we have
1. single piece implants,
2. Two piece Implant systems.
3. Immediate loading implants,
4. Delayed loading implants
5. All-on-4 Implants 6. ALl-on-6 Implants

Single Piece Dental implant

Single Piece Implants are popular replacement for single missing tooth. They can be immediately placed after the removal of completely decayed tooth or placed in a missing tooth area. Single Implants are popular in youth of all over the globe.

Implant for Fixed teeth in missing tooth area

Implant Supported Bridge

When multiple tooth adjecent to each other are missing, then the obvious choice to teeth replacement is fixed partial denture (fpd) by reducing some teeth and, using them as pillars of support, bridge of ceramic or Zirconium is placed.

But with the advent of implants and evolution of the same, missing tooth areas are replaced with implants and bridge is placed. This gives the required support.

Implant for Fixed teeth in missing tooth area

Anterior Implant placed

Two missing front teeth are replaced with Single piece implants and caps are placed. As part of smile design, our Dentists and Surgeons, Implants - multiple and Single implants are used to replace the missing teeth

Implants placed in front missing teeth

Upper missing teeth replaced with Implant

Implant supported Denture replacing missing upper teeth area. Implant supported Dentures are fixed replacement for missing tooth area.

Implants supported Denture placed in upper missing teeth area

Tubopterygoid Implants

Tubopterygoid Implants are opted when less bone in the upper jaw with severe bone resorption The implant is placed under LA without any sinus grafting. area.

Implants supported Denture placed in upper missing teeth area