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AP EHS Dental free cashless treatment
Cashless (free) Dental treatment under AP EHS & WJHS schemes

When should I visit a dental hospital in Tirupati?

You should regularly visit a Dental Clinic once every six months Visiting regularly a dental clinic and having check up with dentists ensures you good oral health and get info about preventive dental treatments even if you have no immediate teeth health issues.

Few points we can remember:

1. Never wait until tooth pain is unbearable.
2. If you see a stain on tooth surface which cannot be brushed off, it may be the sign of tooth decay. Prompt treatment can save the tooth.
3. Dont try to extract that painful tooth by self or others in non-dental clinic setup. Dental Clinics such as New Global Dental Clinic are equipped with right instruments, setup and Dentists are trained to remove tooth comfartbly.
4. Bleeding from gums while brushing or having food ? Do not neglect consult your dentist immediately