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Frequently asked questions

Root canal treatment (popularly known as RCT), itself, is not painful in most of the cases. After the Dentist discusses the root canal treatment with the patient, the dentist assess whether the patient needs Local Anesthesia (LA). Then only LA is administered. After the anesthetised area is numb then root canal treatment is performed.
No, not all wisdom tooth need extraction. Wisdom or third molars which have not erupted fully into the mouth, which are infected and which are associated with frequent pain, swelling and pus need extraction. Whether this extraction is surgical or usual third molar extraction depends on impaction of third molar tooth.
Foul breath or bad odor (also known as halitosis) may be caused due to several factors. There are factors relating to mouth and factors relating to overall health.
Root canal Treatment ( RCT ) is done to save a tooth from extraction. This procedure involves removal of pulp tissue, inner living layer, inside the tooth, sanitizing the emptied canal and filling with inert material. Number of sittings of root canal depends on the many factors. Infected or not, pus filled or not, an infectious cyst around the root of the tooth or not and more... Usually, at Global Dental clinic, tirupati, we prefer Single sitting root canal. But under some instances we will opt for second and third sittings.
Usually, A single Dental Implant to replace a single missing tooth takes less than a few mins.
At New Global Dental Clinic, Tirupati, Dr Uroof, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and Implantologist, is an expert in the field of Dental Implants. Placing more than thousands of Dental Implants, Dr Uroof makes Dental Implants a pleasurable experience.
Identifying the under lying teeth malocclusion plays a vital role in this treatment.
At New Global Dental Hospital, Tirupati, we place emphasis on correction of tooth malocclusion either by Orthodontic Techniques (Clips, Braces or retainers) or Maxillofacial Surgical techniques. After a through clinical diagnosis, a digital radiograph (OPG) of the face and jaws are studied. Then relevant treatment modalities is discussed with patient and care-givers.